Bathhaus Copper Freestanding Handmade Double Ended Bathtub with Hammered Exterior, Lightly Hammered Interior

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Hammered Bronze
Hammered Copper

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Whitehaus Collection Bathhaus copper tubs are handmade and crafted with 16 gauge, 97.5% pure copper to ensure the highest quality combined with copper’s natural ability to regenerate its protective patina, making it the perfect timeless piece. The natural antibacterial effect, as well as inherent ageing process keeps your tub clean and stunning for years to come. A spacious interior allows for full body immersion and ultimate luxury in this handcrafted, copper double ended freestanding bathtub with bronze hammered exterior, lightly hammered interior and no overflow.

  • 16 Gauge Copper Tub
  • 97.5% Pure copper
  • Freestanding
  • Handmade, Slight variations
  • Naturally bacteria and stain resistant
  • Customizable drain and/or overflow location, we recommend having your plumber install drain and/or overflow

*This is Non-Returnable item.