February 12, 2020 4 min read

Every year, as February 14th rolls around, the pressure to secure that perfect date jumps into overdrive. But the famed Valentine’s day date doesn’t have to be a constant source of anxiety. Focus on what the holiday is truly about: spending time with the people that you love. While those traditional dates are a great way to spend your day, why not try something more creative and personal, something a little unconventional: painting your fireclay sink. Get ready to set aside the time to plan out his one of a kind, stay at home paint and sip session to make this Valentine’s date special.

Before we get deep into the process of it all, lets air a few things: This activity will be using washable paint. We realize these are very expensive high-end sinks. You work hard to be able to maintain this design aesthetic, and the sink itself, and we don’t want it to cause any permanent damage. Our fireclay sinks are very difficult to permanently change, design wise. These sinks are painted, glazed and protected in order to protect and keep themselves in top of the line condition. Due to those precautionary steps, we do not recommend aiming for a permanent change.

There are a few simple steps and materials that you will need before you let your creativity flow:

Materials: 1. Paint Brushes: These can be bought at any craft store and come in all the sizes under the sun. General use brushes usually aren’t that pricey, so make sure you get all the sizes that you want. We recommend larger bristled brushes for larger more general areas and smaller ones for more precise details.

            Follow this link for our brush recommendations


  1. Washable Paint: The piece de resistance, so to speak. Without the paint, is there really isn’t a homemade paint and sip session now is there. Purchase easily washable ones. We recommend using Crayola Bath Paints to ensure bright, reliable colors and a guarantee that it will wash off

            Follow these links for our paint recommendations; and here


  1. Newspaper or plastic: These are simply for protective purposes. Laying one or both types down will protect any surface that you do not want to get dirty.
  2. Painter’s Tape: Again, this is for protection. Either use this tape to hold down the newspaper/plastic so it won’t move, or to directly cover surfaces you want to avoid painting.

            Follow this link for our tape recommendation  

These next items are optional, just for if you choose to go that route.

  1. Sponges: Since we are using washable paint, adding water and wiping away is useful for covering up any mistakes. Another bonus use would be for adding texture to your creation. Dip your sponge in the desired color and press on the sink for a rough looking effect.

        Follow this link for our sponge recommendation

  1. Stencils: If you want your creation to have a very specific looking imagery and/or text, we recommend using a stencil. These can be useful when confidence levels are not equally in line with your comfort level or just because. You can purchase stencils at any craft store or online.

         Follow this link for our stencil recommendations


Setting It All Up:  

  1. Preparing the Area: Very Simple. Just lay down some protective newspaper/plastic sheets. Line any edges with the Painter’s Tape to protect the surfaces and/or hold the newspaper/plastic down.
  2. Couples That Dress Together Stay Together: Lay out your best date outfits. Trade in those fancy looks for your special painting outfits—old t shirts and work clothes. Make sure that you are OK with the possibility of what you are wearing getting splattered with paint. We don’t want you guys to be worried the whole time, we’d rather have you be focused on spending time with your partner and the whole creative process.
  3. Set the Mood: Snacks. Drinks. Personalized playlist of jams. Set all that up, invite or remove all necessary persons, make it ideally suited for you and your partner, and this special stay-at-home date.


At the completion of the steps listed above, you guys are ready for the main attraction: Painting your sink.

Now there are several ways to go about this step. You could free hand, follow a step by step tutorial, or even challenge each other to paint something. Really just follow your heart, but, just as a jumping off point, here are some suggestions:

  •  A heart right in the middle. Each person does one half of the heart, and you meet in the middle.
  • You and your partner’s initials.
  • A meaningful quote.
  • Typical Valentine’s motifs, including, but not limited to flowers, hearts, birds.
  • Follow a Bob Ross tutorial.
  • Something important to your relationship. It could be anything: a memory of a time spent together, something you both enjoy.

 It ultimately doesn’t matter what you end up painting, the most important part is the delicate curation of something meaningful, in both the physical and emotional sense. Remember to set aside time and really plan this activity out. The care that you and your loved one will put into it will directly influence the outcome. Make it special, make it unique. Make it a Valentine’s Day that you won’t soon forget.

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