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It is recommended by most companies, including Whitehaus, to purchase fixtures and accessories by the same brand for best matching result. The same terms may be used to describe the finish but depending on the company the end result may be different. The only finishes that are usually close matches are chrome, brushed nickel and stainless steel. These will generally blend even if the fixtures are not made by the same manufacturer. Visit a showroom or display to see in person whether two different brand products are similar.

Each manufacturer uses a different formula for their specialty finishes. It is very important to purchase all of your specialty finished faucets and accessories from the same manufacturer to ensure the products will match together. Therefore, if choosing to purchase a specialty finish such as oil rubbed bronze, select the same brand.

All of our stainless steel and copper sinks are 100% recyclable. The fireclay sinks are made from natural clay material that are completely lead free. They are also 100% recyclable.

Our Solid Stainless Steel bodied FX Navigator series faucets feature a low-consumption 1.5 gpm (gallons per minute) aerator to reduce water waste by 66%. All of our Metrohaus and Luxe single handle/lever Kitchen and Bath series faucets are eco-friendly.

Our new Magic Flush® toilets are eco-friendly with a dual flush mechanism at 1.6/0.8 GPF.

All Whitehaus Collection® Kitchen and Bath lever-handled faucets are ADA Compliant.

Stainless Steel Sinks

304 series grade is an important aspect for stainless steel sinks as its benefit prolongs longer life and usage in a home. This includes 18% chromium and 8% nickel content. The benefits of these elements are used to help fight corrosion, chlorides and rust from occurring. Ultimately prolonging further life on the product.

There are various stainless steel gauge sizes used for Stainless Steel Sinks. Ranging from 20, 18 and 16 gauge. This relates to the thickness and durability of the sink. The lower the number the thicker the gauge. Common sinks are 20 gauge. Having a 16- or 18-gauge sink provides more durability, better resistance hits caused by heavy pots and pans and longer life from use.

Under normal use and conditions stainless steel sinks are resistance. Whitehaus collection stainless steel sinks finish process has a clean and brushed surface which further prevents normal everyday markings.  

Fireclay Sinks

There are various materials used to make kitchen sinks. Especially when looking for something outside of typical stainless Steel. “Quartz sink” or “Titan Quartz sink” is a plastic composite, not a natural material. These plastic composites easily burn, stain and scratch when exposed to the everyday use of a kitchen sink. This creates a perfect environment for bacteria to accumulate. The result is an unsightly and unsanitary kitchen sink. Fireclay sinks on the other hand is handmade using its natural raw clay material. Its process in making involves molding a sink to desired size and placed in a kiln which is fired at high temperatures. Temperatures as high as 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, then cooled down. This provides durability for everyday use. Once cooled down the process similar process is conducted in creating special finishes followed by final layer of glaze which is also heated up at high temperatures and cooled down. This provides a smooth, clean, resistant and durable product.

Some fireclay sinks models are made with a much thicker .. Due to the thickness of some fireclay models for superior durability it is required to have a longer screw when

Fireclay sinks can be installed in a few various ways, mainly 4 types. The most common being an undermount with exposed front apron. Based on customers personal preference the front apron can be either flush with the cabinets or slightly butted outward. Countertops can also be either flush with the edges of the sink or common method is having the countertop overlap the edges of the edges. Some other methods that can be done is a standard undermount without exposing the front apron for a clean look. Then there is also an above mount installation where the sink rests on top of the counter.

No. Because of the various installation choices and methods to complete an install by a builder, contractor or installer there are no standard instructions we have for fireclay sinks.

Because Whitehaus Collection Fireclay sinks are heavy, depending on sink size weigh can range up to 100 pounds. Having the proper support is important. Whitehaus Collection has a set of undermount sink support bars (WHUMSB) that makes the installation process easy and efficient for fireclay sinks.

Another related product that is helpful to have is a sink grid. Whitehaus Collection fireclay sinks normally offers customer made sink grids that help prevent any pots, pans, plates etc. from hitting or touching the bottom of the sink. As an additional measure in protection a sink grid is normally recommended. 

Yes all Whitehaus Collection Fireclay Kitchen sinks are individually handmade. Sink sizes can vary and dimensions are approximate. We strongly recommend that your sink be supplied to your cabinetmaker prior to the fabrication of your kitchen cabinets and countertops. Cutouts are not to be made until they are checked against your sink.  

Cleaning and maintaining fireclay sinks is very simple. For everyday cleaning you can easily wipe off the sink using a soft cloth. In cases where there is any residue from foods or drinks simply use mild soap and warm water to wipe off and dry using soft cloth. There is no need to harsh chemicals or abrasives when cleaning your fireclay sink.

It is important to know that not all garbage disposals are suitable to be used for fireclay sinks. This includes three bolt pattern garbage disposal. If garbage disposal is not properly installed, i.e. overtightened or not leveled, it may lead to possible stress on the sink. If you are seeking to install a garbage disposal it is recommended to install a properly tested garbage disposal for fireclay sink with a snap on installation such Cycolnehaus WH007 1HP garbage disposal.

Yes we do have available finish chips/swatches of all available colors for fireclay sink. If you are interested in receiving a color sample to compare physically you may reach out directly and request the specific finish you are in need of.

Don’t let the name fool you, “Quartz sink” or “Titan Quartz sink” is a plastic composite, not a natural material. These plastic composites easily burn, stain and scratch when exposed to the everyday use of a kitchen sink. This creates a perfect environment for bacteria to accumulate. The result is an unsightly and unsanitary kitchen sink. Many companies have experimented with this material and were quickly disappointed by the results. For quality, longevity, stain, and bacteria-resistance sink, a true Fireclay material is the best investment.


GPM reflects to gallon per minute. This refers to the amount of water coming out of your faucet per minute. As of 2018 required waterflow standard on new kitchen faucets sold are 1.8 gallons per minute or less

On new installations, the hoses may get twisted or kinked. Look under the sink and check that the supply hoses are untangled.

Unscrew the spray head from the hose and place in the sink. Turn the water on. This only verifies that the low water pressure is not caused by a part within the faucet. If pressure is normal, the problem is with the restrictor which looks like a circle disk located at the thread entrance where the spray head connects to the hose. To remove the restrictor, use a small tool such as a screwdriver, pinch to the side and pull out the restrictor. Check the water pressure again and if fixed attach the spray head back to the hose. If the problem continues call customer service at 1-800-694-4837.

There are very few differences between prep/entertainment faucets and lavatory faucets. The main difference is prep/entertainment faucets do not have a pop-up waste drain therefore a drain with a separate mechanical control will need to be purchased. The most important thing to keep in mind when considering a prep/entertainment faucet for the bathroom is the spout length. The water must come out of the spout directly over the drain to prevent water from splashing out of the sink. If the spout is too long for standard installation, your contractor may be able to install the faucet farther back in the cabinet to offset the extra spout length.

Pulse the side spray a few times. If the faucet continues to make a noise, ask your dealer to order a new diverter for your faucet.

Most faucets will drip for a few seconds as excess water is released from the spray head. Remaining in the spout or the hose for pull out faucets, water should be pushed out for a few seconds. This is due to health reasons to ensure the freshest water. Do not be concerned unless the dripping continues for an extended period.

The aerator may be clogged from debris. Refer to “How do I clean my aerator” for a solution. For two handle faucets the problem may be in the stem. For single handle the cartridge may be bad. Contact the technical department to further verify the problem and solutions. If the handle is leaking or becoming hard to turn, you need a replacement.

Point Of Use Faucets

These faucets were designed with filtration in mind; however they cannot be used with a “Reverse Osmosis” filtration system. Talk to your plumber or contractor to find out which system is right for you and the Forever Hot product for the best result.

Copper Sinks

Copper are have many benefits. One of it’s advantages being its antibacterial nature. Copper kills most of its bacteria on the surface and ensures that your sink is free from any harmful bacteria.