Reversible Series 27" Farmhaus Fireclay Sink with a Plain Front Apron

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Fireclay 33" Large Reversible Sink

27” Reversible Fireclay sink that highlights an elegant concave design front apron on one side and timeless plain on the other. Every sink is handmade from natural clay, molded, and then baked into an elegant, smooth and glossy finish.  Proven to be durable and resistant to extreme temperatures fireclay sinks are eco-friendly, visually appealing and timeless in design. This 27” Reversible Fireclay Sink, will fit into the standard 30” base cabinet, making installation easier and less costly. 

  • 3 1/2" center drain
  • Sink is finished on all four sides
  • Reversible with a plain front apron on one side and concave front apron on the opposite side
  • 27” fireclay sink will fit into the standard 30” base cabinet. Making installation easier and less costly
  • Recommended that sinks be supplied to your cabinetmaker prior to the fabrication of your cabinets and counter tops.
  • Stainless Steel Sink Grid Available (Sold separately) WHREV2719
  • Shipping Method: Ground

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  • Whitehaus Collection Fireclay sinks carry a limited lifetime warranty to be free from manufacturing defects of both material and workmanship. Whitehaus Collection Fireclay sinks also carry a 10 year warranty against fading and staining of the glaze. Harm caused by improper cleaning, maintenance, or installation are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Any cracks and chips due to misuse, damage or improper installation; whether performed by a plumber, contractor, service provider, or unqualified person may not be claimed under manufacturer's warranty.
  • Clean your Fireclay sink with mild soap and warm water or a gentle general purpose cleaner. Wipe the entire surface dry with a clean, soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners, solvents, or metallic wire sponges. To avoid potential stains or damage to the finish avoid soaking dishes for abnormally long periods of time and refrain from leaving grounds or tea bags in the sink. Whitehaus Collection recommends the use of protective grid in the bottom of the sink to avoid scuffing from heavy-duty cookware. If scuffing does occur, it can be easily buffed out with Gel Gloss, and a clean, soft, dry cloth
  • What is the difference between quartz and fireclay?
    There are various materials used to make kitchen sinks. Especially when looking for something outside of typical stainless Steel. “Quartz sink” or “Titan Quartz sink” is a plastic composite, not a natural material. These plastic composites easily burn, stain and scratch when exposed to the everyday use of a kitchen sink. This creates a perfect environment for bacteria to accumulate. The result is an unsightly and unsanitary kitchen sink. Fireclay sinks on the other hand is handmade using its natural raw clay material. Its process in making involves molding a sink to desired size and placed in a kiln which is fired at high temperatures. Temperatures as high as 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, then cooled down. This provides durability for everyday use. Once cooled down the process similar process is conducted in creating special finishes followed by final layer of glaze which is also heated up at high temperatures and cooled down. This provides a smooth, clean, resistant and durable product.

    Why do I need a specific basket strainer or disposal flange for my fireclay sink?
    Some fireclay sinks models are made with a much thicker .. Due to the thickness of some fireclay models for superior durability it is required to have a longer screw when

    How can I mount my Fireclay Sink?
    Fireclay sinks can be installed in a few various ways, mainly 4 types. The most common being an undermount with exposed front apron. Based on customers personal preference the front apron can be either flush with the cabinets or slightly butted outward. Countertops can also be either flush with the edges of the sink or common method is having the countertop overlap the edges of the edges. Some other methods that can be done is a standard undermount without exposing the front apron for a clean look. Then there is also an above mount installation where the sink rests on top of the counter.

    Are there installation instructions for installing a fireclay sink?
    No. Because of the various installation choices and methods to complete an install by a builder, contractor or installer there are no standard instructions we have for fireclay sinks.

    Are there any other accessories that are recommended when purchasing my Fireclay sink?
    Because Whitehaus Collection Fireclay sinks are heavy, depending on sink size weigh can range up to 100 pounds. Having the proper support is important. Whitehaus Collection has a set of undermount sink support bars (WHUMSB) that makes the installation process easy and efficient for fireclay sinks.

    Another related product that is helpful to have is a sink grid. Whitehaus Collection fireclay sinks normally offers customer made sink grids that help prevent any pots, pans, plates etc. from hitting or touching the bottom of the sink. As an additional measure in protection a sink grid is normally recommended.

    Is my Whitehaus Fireclay Sink handmade?
    Yes all Whitehaus Collection Fireclay Kitchen sinks are individually handmade. Sink sizes can vary and dimensions are approximate. We strongly recommend that your sink be supplied to your cabinetmaker prior to the fabrication of your kitchen cabinets and countertops. Cutouts are not to be made until they are checked against your sink.

    I want to install a garbage disposal on my fireclay sink. Will this cause an issue with the integrity of the sink?
    It is important to know that not all garbage disposals are suitable to be used for fireclay sinks. This includes three bolt pattern garbage disposal. If garbage disposal is not properly installed, i.e. overtightened or not leveled, it may lead to possible stress on the sink. If you are seeking to install a garbage disposal it is recommended to install a properly tested garbage disposal for fireclay sink with a snap on installation such Cycolnehaus WH007 1HP garbage disposal.

    Do you have color sample chips/swatches of your other colors for fireclay sinks?
    Yes we do have available finish chips/swatches of all available colors for fireclay sink. If you are interested in receiving a color sample to compare physically you may reach out directly and request the specific finish you are in need of.

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    United States United States
    The sink looks amazing!!!!

    ! Absolutely beautiful and made VERY well. Beware the sink is VERY heavy!

    Whitehaus Collection Reversible Series 27 Farmhaus Fireclay Sink with a Plain Front Apron ReviewWhitehaus Collection Reversible Series 27 Farmhaus Fireclay Sink with a Plain Front Apron Review
    United States United States
    Love the sink.

    So comfortable to wash dishes. Its beautiful.

    Whitehaus Collection Reversible Series 27 Farmhaus Fireclay Sink with a Plain Front Apron Review
    United States United States
    LOVE IT!

    This is by far the best sink I have purchased. (I have purchased many.) I bought this for my personal vacation home (log cabin). It has a very small kitchen and I could only accommodate at 27” sink. I chose the farmhouse style and there is plenty of room. Also, this brand is superior. The finish is gorgeous. I needed something to break up all the wood so going with a color has provided a nice contrast. Forgive the picture. We were still under construction so it is dirty. Please be advised - indigo means INDIGO not cobalt. It is a very deep bluish-purple sink. It goes well against natural woods and stainless. Can’t go wrong.

    Whitehaus Collection Reversible Series 27 Farmhaus Fireclay Sink with a Plain Front Apron Review
    United States United States
    and I like the way you can put it in with apron ...

    Looks substantial, and I like the way you can put it in with apron in front or back...Stands out nicely with white cabinets, too. Arrived with plenty of packing material.